Top 10 Dangerous Roads Around World

Top 10 Dangerous Roads Around World

Top 10 Dangerous Roads Around World

Roads take you to your destination but, there are some stunning drives that can give you an unforgettable moment. From the deadly mountain routes to water, roads check out top 10 dangerous roads around world.

10 Baldwin Street, Dunedin, New Zealand


The steepest road in the world Baldwin Street also holds World Record. A regular residential street 350 meter in length is located in the north-east of Dunedin. The slope of Baldwin Street is approximately 1:2.86 (19° or 35%) – i.e., for every 2.86 meters traveled horizontally, the elevation rises by 1 meter.

Baldwin Street, in New Zealand, holds Guinness World Record for the steepest road in the world. This street is given its name after William Baldwin, Newspaper founder. There are various events organize at the street. Athletes have to run from the base of the street to the top and back down again, it is an annual event which happens in every summer. It is yet another gem in the beauty of Dunedin.

09 Highway 1, Australia


The second largest road in the world and Australia’s longest road, Highway 1 covers entire Australia. Highway 1 is around 14,500 km in length. It also passes through all the major cities of Australia. More than a million people use it for traveling every single day. Highway 1 is also one of the most isolated roads in the world. It is a network of highways that joins all mainland state capitals and covers entire Australia. It also covers almost every major inhabited part of Australia. A complete lap of Highway 1 will experience you heat and dust in north, cold and floods in the south. In the night it makes you feel a walk in the sky as millions of stars are the fellow travelers along Highway 1. Although it is a dream driving marathon for any driver it is also one of the most Dangerous Roads Around World.

08 Stelvio Pass, Italy


With over 48 hairpin turns, this 20+km mountain pass in one of the most famous mountain routes in the world. It’s incredible beauty and sharp turns make it one of the best driving routes in Europe. It may be an exciting road for the drivers but it is equally exposed and an unsecured driveway.

Stelvio is one the highest mountain passes to drive in Europe. While Stelvio is voted as one of the best driving roads, it is always flooded with traffic. To enjoy its beauty and driving pleasure you need to find out a time when it provides you an isolated drive. Well known magazine, TOP GEAR’s video of intoxicating Buggati Veyron and other sports car searching for the best driving heavens made this road more famous.

Despite scenic beauty and landscape views, Stelvio Pass is undoubtedly one of the most dangerous roads around world.

07 The Atlantic Ocean Road, Norway


8.3 km road with several viaducts and bridges The Atlantic Ocean Road is named as the Norway’s ‘Construction of the Century’.

Initially, this iconic road was a proposed railway track which was later turned down. With a near cost of 14.5 million dollars and six years of construction, this driveway was open to the public. The roadway on the Atlantic Ocean connects a chain of Norwegian Islands. It consists of eight bridges and various resting points, some of the bridges on this route are breathtaking. Hence, it is also one of the best tourist attractions in Norway. The government has recognized this route as an official ‘Cultural Heritage Site’ and ‘National Tourist Route’. Therefore, a trip to Norway remains incomplete without you visit this epic construction.

Weather in Norway enlightens the beauty of Atlantic Ocean Road, So along with drivers and tourist it is one of the dream destination for the photographers.

06 Tianmen Shan Big Gate Road, China


Tianmen Shan Big Gate Road is located within the Tianmen National Park. It is also known as the Tianmen Winding Mountain Road. This 11 km road has an incredible 99 bends beside some deadly slopes. Basically made for tourist to take them to the top of the mountain and Tianmen Cave. It leads you to the Heaven’s Gate – a natural rock arch which is believed as the gods and the mortal world. Construction of Tianmen Road took eight long years to build the road.

For car sick people, it is not the place for you.

05 Paso de los Libertadores, Chile


This border between Chile and Argentina is the most scenic drive in the world. Here it is, a real test of drivers on the most winding road around the world. This road is the main transport route between Chile and Argentina. Therefore, it is intensely loaded with traffic, heavy slow moving vehicles make it more cautious drive. Driving on this route demands 100% concentration.It has 29 hairpin turns and it is also very difficult to navigate on this route. The government maintains the road perfectly which makes it a safe travel road despite the fact that it is one of the most challenging roads.

04 Passage du Gois, France


Located between Île de Noirmoutier and Beauvoir-sur-Mer, it is a natural passage. It was first founded in 1577. Twice a day this passage is submerged during high tide. During high tide, the road lies under 1-4 meters of water. After the tides go off slippery seaweed is left all over it. During low tide, many tourists and locals come to walk or drive on this road. Various events are also organized on this route, yearly Foulees du Gois remains the most liked race on du Gois.

So, if you wish to ride on this watery road, firstly get notified with the tide timings and be prepared to get wet.

03 Dalton Highway, Alaska


One of the most isolated roads in the world, and also one of the most dangerous roads around world, James W Dalton Highway or Alaska Route 11 was built in 1974. It is the wildest and northernmost portions of Alaska. The road is spine-snapping with a gravel roadbed. There are only three towns along the route. A 666km long isolation on the route is overlapped by scenic beauty and uninhabited landscape. For travelers, it is ‘the ultimate road trip’. While driving at Dalton, it feels like the road is endless and every turn is followed by numerous other. Entire journey crosses only three villages and offers a very minimum supply of gas and food.

It is highly suggested to carry survival gear as the nearest medical facilities may be miles away from you.

02 Three Level Zigzag Road, India


100 hairpin turns in just 30km is enough to make you feel uncomfortable. Three level zigzag road, located in the Himalayan mountain, Sikkim state is 11,000ft above the sea level. It is a destination for the best view of the sunrise in entire Asia. The views on this spiral road will pump your adrenaline and beauty will excite you to explore more. It is number two in our list of most dangerous roads around the world.

The entire road is asphalted which leads you to Thambi viewpoint. View helps you to witness the geometry of this zig-zag road. If you keep the danger aside, this place provides you some of the most beautiful view of the nature in the world.

This zigzag way in its very early times was used for trading by the silk merchants of Tibet and India.

The curves and sharp turns will make your head dizzy even if you are in the back seat.

Road closer are frequent because of avalanches, heavy snowfall and landslide occur anytime. It also requires a special permit to travel on this road. A mistake here cannot be afforded therefore, special precautions must be taken while you are traveling on this three level zigzag road.

Specialists suggest that Monsoon period shall be the best time to be here.

01 North Yungas Road, Bolivia


One of the Most Dangerous Roads Around World ‘Death Road’ is a dirt-road covering 69km between La Paz and Coroico. An estimate of 200-300 people traveling on this road died each year. It was made in the 1930s by the Paraguayan prisoners.

From one side it is a solid rock and on the other lies a 2000ft bay, in between a small piece of the path to cover the deadliest road journey.

While numerous mudslides and tumbling rocks are always ready to block your way, it urges your 100% attention.

Loaded with extremely bad riding conditions, it is a live paradise for downhill biking lovers.

If you are here you have to follow some special rules for driving a good collaboration with other drivers and a pro-active cautiousness to travel-through.

It is a place which has a plenty to offer for the adventure lovers but safety features are minimum. A substitution for this death road is initiated by the Govt of Bolivia which is much safety constraints. This new road way might ruin a classic experience of North Yungas Road aka Death Road.


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