PNR Status 10 Digit

PNR Status 10 Digit


Instantly check PNR Status of one’s prepare tickets . Speedy IRCTC PNR Status Check much simpler than Indian Railways website. As soon as we acquire ticket out of IRCTC we receive exceptional 10 digit quantity named PNR quantity. PNR Number May Be your Passenger Name File Locator. You may locate your PNR Number of corner of one’s own destination. With all the aid of all PNR advice associated with trainer quantity of rail a own ticket reserving position, set of passengers along with also more can be found by you.

PNR Status Check

Question: How to Check PNR Status Online?

Answer: After you’ve got your 10 digit IRCTC PNR Number, you also are able to key on your PNR range from the text above and Hit ‘GET PNR Status‘ button. Within minutes we’d secure pnr Status info out of servers and also will if your ticket has been supported or perhaps maybe not. You May Printing PNR Status information for taking it out to the trip

Railway PNR Status

PNR Status is issued by Indian Railways at

PNR Status Offline

It’s possible to irctc PNR position off line help line by Indian Railways or telephoning help-line to get PNR In the event you have net! Here we’ve recorded different Procedures to Look at on your IRCTC PNR Status.

  • Online PNR Status : You can try Indian Railways or Check PNR Status IRCTC
  • PNR Status on SMS : Type your “PNR {PNR-Number-here}” and send it to 5888 or 139 or 5676747 or 57886.
  • PNR Status on Call : Dial 139 from your mobile number and following instruction carefully!


PNR Is Short out for ‘Passenger Name Report’. It’s the exceptional < 10 Digit > number linked to each railway booking / train ticket done either online or offline.  This pertains to individual or a set reservation. An individual PNR Number might be made to get a max of 6 travelers. You may discover it. It’s a journey document preserved from the Centre for Railway Information Systems (CRIS) within their Centralized Reservation Technique comprising complete passenger information like Title, Name, Age, Touch; and travel details such as Educate Range, Course, Berth Desire, Boarding Day, Boarding Position, Vacation Spot amongst other people. Using a PNR amount you assess if it’s supported or perhaps maybe not and can follow-up using one’s reservation’s Reputation.

How to Check PNR Status?

You may assess the PNR Status of one’s booking by simply going into the specific 10 digit number associated with a own booking and clicking ‘Access PNR Status ‘ (no hyphen’-‘ demanded in assessing the variety ). This could create your booking position to the position of one’s booking visavis. This info has been accumulated from your servers.

Some common abbreviations are: CNF-ConfirmedRAC – Reservation Against Cancellation, or WL – Waitlist.

How does Indian Railways Booking Work?

When most of the available chairs to a railway have been all marketed, the strategy releases RACs (Reservation from Cancellation). Once every one of the RAC quota is used up, WL (Waitlist) Telephones have been published. Consequently, in case someone cancels his/her supported reservation, another individual in queue would be transferred up at an identical purchase. Quite easy.

Note: Even after Chart Preparations (soon before train departure) if seats are available, RAC/WL candidates can be assigned seats.

If, for Instance, you ticket states WL6/WL2 it implies you’ve combined the waitlist at no. 6 however at time you bought the ticket, then you transferred to place 2 (because of numerous Real-time variables for example cancellations etc.. ) about Several situations:

1. WL#/ WL# – Waitlisted: Cannot board the Train

2. WL#/RAC# – RAC: You can board the train but may have to share a berth.

3. WL#/CNF – Confirmed: You can board the train with confirmed berth.

Check PNR Status Codes

Here is the complete list of codes:

CNF/Confirmed: Confirmed Booking. Sometimes Coach/Seat/Berth quantity will soon likely probably undoubtedly be available later on graph prep.

RACReservation Against Cancellation. By simply discussing a chair you may traveling. In the event, any supported his ticket is canceled by traveler, you also get his chair. You may travel having a RAC ticket in AC tutors. The amount identifies the range before your ticket.

R##: RAC Coach No., Berth No. using just two are exhibited, very initial you is mentor Regardless of. And one alternative.

WL#Waitlist. Your ticket have perhaps not been supported for its day that was . After the graph is currently now still not prepared there is cancellation.

RLWL#:Remote Location Waitlist. All these are wait recorded tickets issued with channels inside the exact midst of as well as also for a part journeys. Every railway is composed every using a predetermined number of chairs. After this passenger’s foundation channel is just one of these brilliant simple channels that are noticeable, or even a few channels then, the RLWL Registration is appropriate about the bookings. That includes amount of chairs in contrast GNWL.

CK#Tatkal (Priority) Booking. Tatkal (concern ) reserving . You may reserve a ticket to travel. You’ll locate trainer amount and the chair.

CKWL#Waiting under the Tatkal Booking. Ready beneath the Tatkal Reserving . Every time there has been a Tatkal ready around supported, you are given yourself a personal chair.

GNWL#General Waiting List. Ticket having a GNWL is issued while this passenger’s foundation channel would be among those channels close it or your Supply channel of this railway. This quota includes got the greatest quantity of chairs in just about any certain train plus has got the maximum probablity to being supported during the right time of charting. You can traveling within the compartment sometimes, if reserved out of a channel.

PQWL#Pooled Quota Wait List. Ready around status if there is a ticket reserved by way of a Railway Quota. In the event your sub-route is hot pooled Quota is maintained to get a over the course and justifies its own own statute. This is going to definitely be into a town other, from channel and channels. It includes chairs compared to GNWL an inferior chance of affirmation.

REGRET/WLNo More Booking Permitted. You Can Forget Reserving Allowed . Whenever you’re reserving your ticket this looks and also no-more booking are all allowed.

CAN/MODTicket is Cancelled or Modified. Your ticket cancelled or has been modified following the reservation.

Released This usually means that lodging isn’t supported at the specified period, however a different adheres for this can be furnished.


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